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 [FAQs] Frequently asked questions about Galaxy Reavers-20160527

Hi my dear commanders,

After our Beta test and iOS version release, Galaxy Reavers- Epic RTS receives positive response from players over the world. First of all, our team are very grateful to all of your support and appreciation to Galaxy Reavers. Meanwhile, we receive some questions from our players, so we post FAQs on Facebook, if there is any question we missed , please leave a comment.:)


Q: Will Galaxy Reavers release multi-player version or Android version? A: Yes, we are gearing up for multi-player version and Android version. If you want to know more updates about Galaxy Reavers, LIKE us! :)

Q: Will Galaxy Reavers iOS version update with other languages? A: Yes, we will release localized language version in France, Germany, Russia and Japan very soon.

Q: Can we upload data among different devices? A: For now, Galaxy Reavers is single player version, and doesn't support iCloud. Sorry for any inconvenience, hope you would kindly understand it.

Q : I have some suggestion and feedbacks, how can I contact the team? A: We are really happy to receive those suggestion and reflect to our team. You can email us at: If you encounter any crash problem, please kindly keep us informed of your device type and system version as well as detail description. With your help, Galaxy Reavers would go further.

                                                                                                                                    Best reagards,
                                                                                                                                    Galaxy Reavers